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which job? which course? placement?

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workcollegedilema Tue 05-Sep-17 11:05:56

Hi, not to be impatient but needing fast advice, its all happening rather quick this week! (I may post this in two places for more replies.)

Qualified teaching assistant but last position was a temporary contract which was not kept on due to budget cuts (cheers government), left at Easter.

I've struggled to find another position so in the meantime I identified a gap in my cv and applied for a course with adult education, was waiting for confirmation for start date. Heard back from the centre in May to be told there was a problem with numbers and the course may not be going ahead so wait to hear something. Heard nothing by July so rang and they said they don't think it will happen so I contacted the local college who do a similar course and applied. received a letter saying the tutor is on annual leave and will contact for interview at the end of August. Heard nothing again! ffs
I contacted a placement (which will work for both courses) and they are waiting for me to confirm and sign up.

So, kids go back this morning and I chase it all up, turns out they have both accepted me, I have a place on both courses! ffs again

To complicate it further there are two jobs advertised that I am applying for since I'm desperate to go back to work. Job 1 will work with either course (as a working placement), job 2 will not care about the course. Both deadlines of the 8th, shortlisting 11th, interviews by end of week and find out if successful the same day as interview.

Here are the details -
Course 1 - Tuesday evening so will miss time with the kids, have placement already. IF I get one of the jobs then I'd have to give up the placement after 2 weeks awkward .
Course 2 - Monday afternoon so no missing time with my kids but will have to give up course if I am successful but then I've missed my chance with course 1.
Failure - If I don't get either Job then I would be happier doing course 2 so I don't miss time with my kids.

Sorry it was so long, if you have any advice what so ever please please help me!

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workcollegedilema Tue 05-Sep-17 11:22:56

To complicate things further - the night of the evening course is the same night the kids go to an after school club they love. If they continue to go and I do the course I will only see them for half an hour or I could make them give it up and they'll hate me.

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KarmaNoMore Tue 05-Sep-17 11:31:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KarmaNoMore Tue 05-Sep-17 11:33:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

workcollegedilema Tue 05-Sep-17 11:36:21

They're permanent for one school year with the option of being kept on after that. I don't need the course to do either job but it will help the application of job 1 and especially any future applications elsewhere.

My kids are 15 (asd) and 13 so will be looking after themselves - not too sure about leaving them tbh.

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workcollegedilema Tue 05-Sep-17 14:03:34

anyone? please?!?!

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Nasreen Tue 05-Sep-17 20:55:00

Apply for the jobs first and foremost. Apply for as many jobs as you possibly can. If you don't secure either, choose the course which will enhance your chances in the future?

When do the courses begin? Fees? Don't part with any cash until you have applied for the jobs and know the outcome.

Best of luck.

workcollegedilema Tue 05-Sep-17 22:48:22

Thanks. Decision made earlier (I needed to be fast!) which matches what you suggested. I'd already applied for the two jobs and will continue to keep applying until I secure a position. I've gone for the evening course so I am ready and available to apply for all jobs I can and don't have to give the course up and for my future prospects. The course started tonight, had a chat with the tutor who said wait until I've heard from these two jobs next week, if I don't get them then contact the placement but I'm ok to swap to my new job as and when I get it (as long as its only once!)

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