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New Job ESA????

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user95 Mon 04-Sep-17 14:50:12

My DH has just started part time work at 16 hours a week and I have just received the call that i have been offered a position I never thought I'd get at 37.5 hours a week. My salary is 16,000 a year and my DH is paid by the hour at 7.50ph. I've rang the jobcentre and they have suspended the claim? Is this right? I've done some research and thought they carried on with payments until your first wage which isn't until the 20th of this month. Not sure how we are going to get by confused woman wasn't very helpful either. Currently 7th in line to speak with CAB to see if there is any help available in the mean time. I also read your housing benefit and tax credits carry over for 4 weeks to tide you over as well as £40 back to work weekly payment for the first year? I'm so confused, can someone please help! sad

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