Psychology degree OU?

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backtoworkhiho Sat 02-Sep-17 17:51:32

DS starts school. I'm on benefits... I'm looking for work. I wanted to get a catering school job (3hrs a day) and study psychology which I'm still saying 15 years on I wish I had done...

But there's no point studying it if it doesn't lead to a better job.

Jobcentre say 15hrs isn't enough work. 16 hrs is... so 1 hour to make up and study the rest?

Or just let go of wishing I had a career and full time admin/retail work and childcare vouchers?

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Out2pasture Sat 02-Sep-17 17:59:41

never too late to take a psychology degree. I poked away and took my degree over 8 years! it was just the right pace for me and yes it helped my career.

user1470584717 Sun 03-Sep-17 11:46:27

With regards of the job prospect, probably best to hear from people who did a psychology degree and what sort of jobs they got into.

SongforSal Sun 03-Sep-17 11:49:55

Do it! I'm on my fourth Module, with 2 more to go to get my Degree. I have 180 UCAS points so far, and it has already helped me land a better paid full time job.

inchyrablue Sun 03-Sep-17 11:52:00

Do you have an idea of where you want to go after you've done the degree? I completed an OU psychology degree just over a year ago. I decided I had had enough study (for now anyway!) after six years of slog, and have started a job that though my degree helps massively, it wasn't strictly necessary.

No regrets. It would have been much more expensive starting now, which might have meant I didn't do it. Lots and lots of people finishing the same time as me are now on to MSc, or Phd study.

zippydoodaar Sun 03-Sep-17 21:40:39

Would you not be better off to decide what you want to do then get a part-time job/do a degree geared to that? (i.e. part healthcare assistant and nursing degree on the side).

What are you planning to do long term with a psychology degree?

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