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Return from maternity leave /childcare issues

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thiskittenbarks Wed 30-Aug-17 06:45:20

I'd planned on going back to work when my mat leave finished in December.
But we just found out baby got into a really good nursery (I know that sounds ridiculous but it's where OH works and is also the best one in the city). Places are really hard to come by in our area, and I don't think I would be able to get a decent childminder (there are s few different reasons for this). But baby has to start 2 months earlier than I wanted to go back to work and they only let us know we got a place last week. And we have to confirm the place at nursery tomorrow! Is this normal? I feel like it's really rushed.
I emailed my HR and explained and asked to come back earlier. Before I left for mat leave a HR person suggested to me that I use the holiday I'd accrued on mat leave to essentially come back part time at first, so that's what I'd planned to do. But now I have asked to do this, a different HR lady has told me this may not be possible, and has not responded re coming back sooner. I have to let the nursery know by tomorrow! I feel really stressed! I don't want to lose the place but we can't afford to pay it for months before I return to work.
Should I just say yes to the nursery on a part time basis and hope that work okay this?
Am I wrong in thinking that they have to let me come back to work sooner as long as I give them the required notice? Anyone else had experience with the using holiday to come back part time initially? I have about 50 days holiday so no idea how else I will use them if I don't use them like that!
Any advice gratefully received!!

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milkjetmum Wed 30-Aug-17 07:07:31

It s normal for nursery to offer lace when they have one, and not to wait for you (they presumably have a list of people who'd want the spot if you turn it down).

You mentioned it was at your dh work? I always suggest to people to choose a nursery near home if you can. I don’t know your commute time but this is so you can have day off sick/take annual leave and still drop kids off without having to do long travel!

For work I had to give 8 weeks notice to come back early, so you might only just make this window? Presumably whoever is covering you needs to be given notice there time is up.

The annual leave thing depends on your workplace. They generally prefer you to take as much as possible in a block, again so they can cover for you ny extending mat leave post. But with 50 days to take you could request 4 day week? Will depend on approval though.

Personally I'd say decline the space and go back on waiting list.

Chottie Wed 30-Aug-17 07:12:35

I don't know where you live, but where DD lives nursery places at an outstanding nursery are like gold dust....

If you decline the place and go back on the WL you would presumably be joining the end of the list, so you could be in the situation of not having a nursery place for when you do want to return to work.

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