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Where to move from graphic design

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Jivebunny89 Sat 19-Aug-17 15:00:55

I'm a graphic designer, and have been full-time for five years, in both employment and as a freelancer. I'm about to have my first baby and will be trying to balance parenting with keeping the business going. But it's not something I can see myself doing long term. I have never met a woman graphic designer aged over 35. I'm in a city in Yorkshire, and so far have racked up 16 consecutive failed interviews. I don't feel particularly wanted, even though my freelancing career is quickly escalating.

Like many jobs, the work is 50% exciting and stimulating, the other 50% is brain-rotting.

I ended up becoming a graphic designer as at school I was unwell for several years. Art and design was a subject I could focus on long-term rather than having to rely on exam results. But I now wish I could have chosen a more academic career path, although I did end up in a career related to my degree.

I'm interested in doing an MA or further study. But I don't know what in. I suppose that I'd want a qualification which leads to enhancing my career. I do fancy architecture, but that's another 7 years of training for an entry-level position. Designers can do well in web development careers, but my husband is a developer and I really don't want to code.

My interests are history (especially Iranian history), theology, gardening, sewing and cooking.

I'd welcome suggestions for what to study or related career paths, please. There are some amazing graphic designers out there (so I could specialise further) but it might not ever pay for itself living where I do. I suppose I've lost my mojo.

Thanks for reading!

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