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going to work coming off benefits

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samjade Mon 14-Aug-17 22:11:32

hi i was hoping someone has been in the same situation as me and could help me with some advice.
i am receiving child tax credits and income support i have a job offer that would start in a weeks time and i would need to inform both my benefits straight away. i will need to claim working tax credits as im only working part time and am a single parent.
will my child tax credits be stopped immediately while i claim working tax credits even though i wont be paid by my employer for a month. also if im relying on tax credits to help with childcare costs how do i cover it while i wait.??
thanks to anyone for taking the time to try and help

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angelgirls Mon 14-Aug-17 22:53:35

When I went for income support to working part time (also single parent) my claim wasn't stopped and I found that I had extra payments for childcare costs, working tax credits etc put into my account within days.

If your claiming housing benefit etc then you get a 4 week run on period to give time for things to get sorted

I had to have a interview with a advisor at the job centre before I started the job to. Not sure if it's changed now but I also got a one off payment (think maybe £200) and then £30 a week for 26 weeks for getting off of income support and back to work

samjade Mon 14-Aug-17 22:57:07

thats really reassuring thank you i will try and speak with an advisor at the job centre tomorrow im so worried i will be left with no money because tax credits usually take ages for new claims.
hopefully things are still the same. fingers crossed!

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