Breakdown over work

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BigTWDFan Mon 14-Aug-17 21:03:46

Been nagging them, because they are meant to sort my meeting out, i'm back soon but had holidays to take and inalso had uniform to order that can take up to 8 weeks to arrive. Its all mainly because they forgot about me, but because i am dropping my hours to one day my old boss said it be fine and she will look into a contract, but now its a new boss and personel that i don't know... mainly i wanted an earlier meeting so they know who i am and i can meet them. Makes me less shy when i have my main meeting, i explained this to them. All over place right now

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MurielsBottom Mon 14-Aug-17 18:45:57

Ah, I am sorry you are feeling so stressed with the whole thing. When do you plan to return to work? I think if you are requesting to change your working patterns or hours then you may need to do this in writing.

I am guessing you have been on maternity for approx six months. Things can change a lot in that time so I can understand your stress. The keeping in touch days are for you to meet new employees and management and to be updated on any significant changes. Have you got anymore KIT days arranged?

Justnowthisone Mon 14-Aug-17 18:43:16


Sorry to hear you're feeling rough.

First, when you say you've been nagging them for months during your maternity leave about arrangements after you return - is this standard practice where you work? Normally an employer wouldn't expect such a lot of contact for months during a maternity leave. Could they be feeling a bit bombarded?

Second, you seem to have presented a case for flexi working. Flexi working requests would need to present a case that benefits or at least does not cause harm to your employer rather than it being solely about you and yours. There is a flexi working form on the gov uk website and employers would need consider all requests and give you reasons for their decision. But they are not obliged to accept that request.

Can you sit down with a calm head and write down exactly what you are asking for and how things would work out for your workplace, including the impact on your colleagues and submit a formal flexi working request, in a professional tone and email to the required people?

Do note that they are absolutely free to deny your request.

BigTWDFan Mon 14-Aug-17 18:36:49

No idea why i'm writing this, whether its for help, advise or a chat sad but i'm overly stressed out.
I'm on maternity leave at the moment, and for the past few months i've been nagging work for me back to work meeting. Last Monday i got my wish, i was to go on Friday and chat about what i wanted to do... i told them that i would love to work one day but for 12 hours, at least this way i get to see my husband one day a week (he works at the same place) it was like i was talking to a wall, i told her how it would benefit me, my family and work. Again i didn't feel listened to, she said to talk in a weeks time, i came home feeling more stressed... doesn't help with my husband has loads of stress in trying to become a manager but being taken for a mug, then ny 3 year old is trying to push it and then theres my 23 week old, hes teething and as a bad cold.
Anyway with noone to talk to other then my husband and kids i broke down, i feel so stressed! It all doesn't help with work, when i don't know any management and things have changed so much. I've not properly slept in 3 weeks with just thinking of work, i'm more angry and crying these days too. Really not looking forward to this Saturday sad just wanna curl up in a ball

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