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Success stories - negotiating part time in new job?

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stroan Mon 14-Aug-17 08:48:27

Does anyone have any success stories of successfully negotiating part time hours when applying for a new job? Even better, any tips?

I planned to return to work 4 days per week after mat leave, but was made redundant a month before I was due to go back. At the same time, I was headhunted for a contracting role - they were very desperate and happily agreed to 4 days per week. The balance was perfect for our family and I really value my Friday with DD. I also achieved more in a month than the person before me did in 3 months, I am effective and efficient. I can also be flexible in those 4 days.

After 8 months the contract has ended and I'm job hunting again. My preference would be a permanent position, but in my field/location, part time jobs are rare and normally unsuitable.

I've previously had one job offer where I tried to negotiate compressed hours (4.5 days into 4) and got a flat no. In fact, they put the phone down on me. When I've been up front at application stage, I tend to get no response.

I have an interview today - the recruiter says he has informed them about the 4 day a week requirement but I'm not convinced he has! If I am offered the job, how should I go about trying to negotiate 4 days per week?

I'm torn on whether it's even right to apply for full time jobs knowing I want to do part time, but I'm not sure what other option I have.

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Believeitornot Mon 14-Aug-17 08:53:32

Yes I did. I went via a recruitment agent and I asked the agent if four days a week was an option - they said yes.

I went for interview, it didn't come up at all (I didn't raise it). Got to second interview and mentioned again to the agent if they'd confirmed whether it was fine.

Again they said yes.

Long story short, I got the job, with four days a week and will be starting shortly.

stroan Mon 14-Aug-17 09:25:25

Congratulations! That all sounds nice and straightforward.

I need to start contacting agents, so will be up front. It means they have the potentially awkward conversation and not me!

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Believeitornot Tue 15-Aug-17 06:20:36

Yes that's what I did. It took a while to find a good agent. Although this job I found via an advert online - I didn't know it was via an agent until I applied.
I did know they might give me 4 days though because it's public sector.

treaclesoda Tue 15-Aug-17 06:31:56

The way I put it to the employer was that I believe myself to be a really committed, good employee when working part time hours, and that I could give them X hours of really hard work per week, compared with working full time hours and feeling stressed out and miserable (I didn't exactly word it like that though!). The best employers recognise that hours at a desk isn't the full reflection of productivity, and a lot of people work long hours without actually being particularly productive.

If they are still reluctant could you perhaps suggest a trial period to show your commitment and ability?

stroan Tue 15-Aug-17 13:20:04

Thank you everyone.

I had the interview and it went very well. However, they dropped the bombshell that it's a temp contract (the recruiter told me it was permanent).

It then became apparent that the recruiter had told them I would compress 5 days into 4. They have 37.5 hour weeks. With the commute on top, there's absolutely no way I could do that and manage nursery drop offs.

The recruiter is now negotiating further but I've told them what I can do and left in their hands.

I'll chalk it up to experience and keep applying. Being made redundant on mat leave really destroyed my confidence but I have a good CV and decent interview skills so starting to feel a bit better about things.

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MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Mon 28-Aug-17 22:52:16

I looked for things like job share considered with full time jobs. I applied for one that was advertised at 37.5 hours but said job share considered at the bottom of the ad even though it's the sort of position where you can't really job share (apprenticeship). I put on the application that I wanted part time as the ad said job share, I got an interview and brought it up when they said did I have any questions. They did say they were really looking for someone full time but the absolute minimum was 22 hours. They offered me the job and gave me the 22 hours. It won't be a job share roll as I've picked what days I work and the hours I work and there won't be anyone doing my role when I'm not there given it's an apprenticeship.

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