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Pros and cons of new working pattern.

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Mumguiltisabitch Tue 08-Aug-17 21:20:42

I haven't long returned to work fulltime from matenity leave, 3 DC aged 1-6. I've had a job share application turned down but have been told they are open to a change in my working pattern to improve my work/life balance.
Currently work 8 30 -5, mon-Friday. I struggle with this as I feel I miss so much time with the kids, especially the older one as by the time I get home, dinner made and bath time I barely have time to help with homework or read bedime stories. BasIcally, I'm struggling with being torn 3 ways for 2 hours of madness in the evenings.
I'm thinking if I do long 10 hours days (8-6.30) it means for 3 other days in the week I can work school hours, do pick ups, drop offs, homework, after school tea, more time for cooking a healthy dinner etc.Could do park or library after school instead of trying to cram all into a weekend. It also means DH will have to pull his weight on those long days with childcare logistics which so far he hasnt been doing. (He admits he's been a bit crap and is happy to sort the DC for school and childcare those longer days )
This is a bit garbled and long, but has anyone done something similar and have any feedback for me?. Does anyone feel it sounds like a good idea or do those long days sound just awful? Those days will basically involve bath and bed and not much interaction with the kids. My commute is only about 10 minutes.

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bigchris Tue 08-Aug-17 21:22:40

I would try getting dh on board first before making the leap to 3 long days

bigchris Tue 08-Aug-17 21:23:28

I mean getting him to help more with the current system

Mumguiltisabitch Tue 08-Aug-17 21:29:43

Thanks bigchris. It's only 3 long days. The problem with dh is he works longer hours than me but is self employed so has a bit more flexibility. Just not everyday. But if he knows he has to do dropoffs pick up's 2 set days a week I know it wont be an issue as I won't be there to do it! When I am there to do it it gets left to me and he works on..

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Mumguiltisabitch Tue 08-Aug-17 22:45:29

Why do I keep writing that wrong ?! It's 2 long days

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