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Training as a Counsellor

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Dappledsunlight Mon 31-Jul-17 18:23:51

Hi MNetters, I would be interested to hear from anyone who has undergone training to become a qualified counsellor. I took a level 3 certificate qualification in Counselling 5 years ago but did not move up to the level 4 Diploma as I had some concerns about the fact that the requirement is for 100 hours of voluntary counselling work across the two year course plus I heard it is tough building up a private practice and public vacancies are low paid or on a voluntary basis. Since taking my level 3 I have been working p/t in the educational sector and some of the work involves a semi counselling element. I am now considering the level 4 Diploma route once again. My question is: how feasible is it as a full time career and I'd be interested to hear pros and cons of the job? Thanks.

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