Just got a job!!! Very happy. But have a long holiday booked.

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MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 20-Jul-17 16:13:53

I've just been offered a business admin apprenticeship within the NHS, very happy about this. It's part time. Holiday will obviously be pro rata, hours 22.5.

We have a week's holiday coming up but next year we have a 4 week dream holiday booked and paid for. I've been struggling to get interviews let alone job offers so didn't put life in hold. We don't usually do long holidays, only do short breaks but decided to have a one off dream holiday.

HR are due to get in touch to discuss working patterns etc. How likely is my holiday to be an issue? Will it help if I offer to take part of it unpaid? I'm worried this could make them retract their offer. Is that likely or a possibility?

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Rinkydinkypink Thu 20-Jul-17 16:17:05

I think you will have to take some of it unpaid if they allow it. You could look at making the time up. Using toil and annual leave to cover the time.

Be honest with them about it but also be extremely flexible! Dont do anything that means you loose the job offer!! Good luck

ScarletBegonia1234 Thu 20-Jul-17 16:19:56

If it's not until next year I would wait until you start before bringing it up but as previously said be prepared to be as flexible as possible in finding a solution

MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 20-Jul-17 16:56:59

Do you think it would look bad if I waited until I started before mentioning it?

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wheresthel1ght Thu 20-Jul-17 17:56:12

You will look a prat if you don't mention it.

Any prebooked holidays normally have to be honoured although as others have suggested they can make you take some unpaid.

Be honest and upfront about it

OllyBJolly Thu 20-Jul-17 18:00:48

Any prebooked holidays normally have to be honoured

They really don't.

AndNowItIsSeven Thu 20-Jul-17 18:02:57

They do in the public sector.

drspouse Thu 20-Jul-17 18:10:54

They don't have to be but usually they are OK if it's not too soon, doesn't clash with anything major e.g. training that you can't start your job without, and you use unpaid leave if necessary.

When you say next year, do you mean Jan or August? Because by August you will probably have enough AL.

Nearly10to9 Thu 20-Jul-17 18:12:42

Any prebooked holidays normally have to be honoured

No they really dont

DavidPuddy Thu 20-Jul-17 18:16:55

We just fired someone before they started for not disclosing a holiday (amongst some other dodgy behaviour). Had she disclosed it openly it wouldn't havr been a problem. We wanted to hire her, she seemed great. But dodgy manipulativeness was too much of a turn off. I never count a prebooked holiday against someone. I plan around it, especially if they are a strong candidate. I say disclose it.

fannydaggerz Thu 20-Jul-17 18:26:49

Disclose the holiday and offer to take part unpaid and be flexible with a solution for it.

PigletWasPoohsFriend Thu 20-Jul-17 18:29:18

Any prebooked holidays normally have to be honoured

No they don't. Especially if they weren't mentioned before accepting the job.

They will probably honour it but you may very well have to take a bulk of it as unpaid.

SafeToCross Thu 20-Jul-17 18:35:03

Say it now, you will never get away with it later.

MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 20-Jul-17 18:51:25

Just realised there is a typo in my OP, it's a 3 week holiday not 4.

I wouldn't not mention it, I wouldn't feel right about it. It's over Feb/March so not enough time to build up a years worth of holiday.

I'd be more than happy to take some/most unpaid, we can manage on DH's wage as we are now anyway. Offering to work extra may be tricky as I have a chronic illness and am already going to be working to my limit of what I can manage. I went through the guaranteed interview scheme for disabled people and I told them my reason for requesting part time (was advertised as full time with job share considered) was for health reasons so they are aware of this.

I'm just panicking that they may retract their offer based on the fact I will need 3 weeks off next year. My first holiday is in 5 weeks, the end of the summer holidays.

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LyraTheDaemon Thu 20-Jul-17 19:34:57

I started in the NHS doing a business admin apprenticeship and had holiday booked, not sure if it was just my trust or not (and this was 5 years ago) but they honoured my leave. You can also buy annual leave in the NHS if this is something you'd be willing to do? Definitely disclose it but in my experience with other new staff members they do honour leave in the NHS when possible, unless it truly screws other staff up I can't see the issue.

MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 20-Jul-17 20:20:46

Thanks. One of my questions to the panel was 'what do you like about working here?' And they all had very good things to say about their employer and how well the workers are treated so fingers crossed they will be ok with it. I think they were impressed with me as my knowledge on the confidentiality policy was better than theirs and they were very impressed by this so I think they will be keen to have me as an employee. Fingers crossed this will go in my favour.

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