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Group Assessment Days.

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Rinkydinkypink Thu 20-Jul-17 10:01:28

I've never done one and I've less than a week to prepare.

I've got a group assessment to prove teamwork, leadership and improvement competencies. It's for mid management role.

How do I come across well? I generally like to sit back, let others say their bit then once I've got others thoughts I can put forward my thoughts. I'm concerned their will be far greater characters than me and I may get lost in it all. I also do not want to be pushy or bossy. It's just not how I do things!

Advice and experience needed please.

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Hoppinggreen Mon 24-Jul-17 17:58:41

I've moderated these, few tips
Assign roles, volunteer to be time keeper or similar
Ask other peoples opinion
Give reasons for your suggestions
Do not be pushy or bossy or interrupt anyone
Keep everyone on track
Keep stating the goals
Encourage others
Fight your corner but in a quietly confident way

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