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Can I be sacked?

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PeggyPatchandPoppy Tue 18-Jul-17 20:20:21

Sorry I've posted this before. I've become so anxious over the past few days.
Last year I started as NQT at school so on a year long contract.
I found out I was pregnant in September so worked until Easter. I am returning this coming September.
I requested to go part time after Christmas (so I could complete my NQT years as quickly as possible) and have been summoned to see the head on Thursday. Could he take away my job for asking to go part time there for looking like I'm not committed?
They also told me I could take a union rep with me?

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Harvey246 Tue 18-Jul-17 20:21:20

Definitely not xx hopefully just be to discuss your request. They can't sack you for asking.

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