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No work when returning from mat leave

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Glitteryjobbollocks Mon 17-Jul-17 18:25:11

I'm due to return to work in 2 weeks after a year off on mat leave.
I work in a projects role and I'm 100% billable so if I'm not assigned to a project team I'll be booking to over heads. Which is normally not allowed.

Spoke to boss today to confirm what I'll be working on when I return and where I'll be sat. Apparently there's nothing he can put me on and I'm going to have to book to overheads when I return. Yet when I went to say hi to a colleague he's got at least 2 freelance contractors in the office.

There have already been redundancies and if work doesn't pick up there will be more.
Should I be worried being brought back in on overheads that if redundancies happen I'll be the first one in the frame to go as I've not been working within a project team?

I'm the only woman on the team, my boss is a complete misogynist and I don't think he wanted me to come back after my maternity ended.

Should I be concerned? I've logged everything that was said today in a notebook in case I need at a later date.

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thatstoast Mon 17-Jul-17 18:28:59

It does sound like you should be concerned. Have you thought about what you'd do if you were made redundant? Always good to have a plan b.

Glitteryjobbollocks Tue 18-Jul-17 08:03:37

I'd have to get another job, it's very quiet in the job market at the moment though.

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BondJayneBond Fri 21-Jul-17 18:54:44

I'd be worried. Might be a good idea to polish up your CV and keeping an ear out for any jobs elsewhere.

I've been selected for redundancy before when there were contractors in the office at the same level as me.

Justifications for keeping the contractors and making me redundant included the contractors had different skill sets; or the contractors having better knowledge of the project they were working on than me (because I'd been on a different project); or the client knows them better than you and won't be happy if contractor X goes.

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