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My desk has moved to another city

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WellHeresMyTuppenceworth Thu 13-Jul-17 07:35:01

I have been on UC and started a temp job via an agency.
After about eight weeks the building where I worked became unsafe and all the staff, temp and perm, were relocated around the city, except my department, which was relocated to another city some 50 miles away.
Repairs are under way and it may be a few weeks before the building is safe again.
The issue:-
Both the agency and the employers refuse point blank to pay my additional travel costs which have increased by £90 a week and added another 3 hours a day onto my travel time. My hourly rate is slightly over the minimum wage and I can't afford to work there any more.
I fear asking DWP for advice as that may start them on a sanction frenzy, so I've just signed myself off as sick, which isn't exactly untrue, but under normal circumstances I'd have banged down the painkillers and hobbled in.
Where do I stand? Will DWP accept the job I willingly took has fundamentally changed to the point it is no longer viable? Do either my agency or the company I work for have any obligation to mitigate my situation?
Your advice would be deeply appreciated, because I'm going out of my mind with worry.

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