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Forever Living Products - anyone had experience with this business?

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Bradsmum Mon 12-Jul-04 19:48:50

I'm thinking about attempting this network marketing thing with Forever Living Products who do aloe vera and beeswax products. Has anyone had experience - good or bad? Is it worth it?

Blu Mon 12-Jul-04 19:54:40

I use Forever Living Products - Aloe vera juice and gel and deodorant - and have difficulty finding local if you live near me, please go for it!

Bradsmum Mon 12-Jul-04 19:57:29

Blu - thanks for that. So presumably the products are good and work? I live in Surrey

Blu Mon 12-Jul-04 20:08:08

The products are BRILLIANT.
I am a very 'unalternative therapies' sort of person, but have been completely convinced by Aloe juice and gel. It has been the only thing that has cleared up my Mum's psoriasis, the gel heals up cuts and bruises almost instantly, and drinking the juice made me feel much better. The deodorant is the only one (including lots from the Wholefoodshop) that I am not allergic to. And I THINK Forever Living are the only people to market 100% pure juice.
You have to get people to try it though. I found out about it at a 'tupperware party' type gathering in a friends house - went along to humour friend and have a drink - and was very impressed with the info pack and presentation - the history of the plant, long traditoin in n american herbal medecine etc. I'm surprised it isn't used more commonly - though they do sell plants in Brixton Market because the caribbean community would not be without one at home for minor mishaps.

SueW Mon 12-Jul-04 21:55:44

The juice is the most vile stuff I have ever tasted in my life. I have no personal experience of the creams or other products.

I know 3 people personally i.e. friend who have attempted this business and given up. The two other people I know who have started it more recently have both asked me more than once if I would be interested in selling the stuff.

I know one person who uses the stuff regularly - she used to sell it but felt uncomfortable about selling. She always buys when her supplier rings her, which she does once a month to check whether she needs anything.

Blu Mon 12-Jul-04 22:09:43

Oh Sue - it's nowhere near as bad as Chinese Herbal Medecine! More like not-tasty grapefruit juice!

What I can't understand is why it hasn't become an internet order thing, rather than direct selling. In fact I got my last lot from a seller who was advertising mail order over the net.

SueW Tue 13-Jul-04 01:06:20

LOL Blu. If you ever see me considering Chinese medicine, remind me of this conversation .

We tried it about 4 years ago in NZ when it was recommended for MIL who was dying of stomach cancer at the time. She didn't rate it so we all wondered about its health-giving properties and tried it. We decided there were better ways...

My favorite 'alternative' is tea tree oil but only neat. I loathe the smell though and would only ever use it neat in small quantities. It really isn't worth choosing to smell of that by voluntarily putting on all-over lotion which smells of it!!

Sorry Bradsmum - didn't mean to hijack.

Bradsmum Tue 13-Jul-04 13:19:04

Well - thanks for that but still not decided. Just thought it might be worth a go to get some more income. The views I've heard are really either love it or hate it. Personally I think aloe vera is great stuff (particularly hot skin on holidays). Might just have to give it a go..

sponge Tue 13-Jul-04 13:34:45

I think the products are very good, but suew is right - the juice is filthy to drink.
My dh had a friend who sold it and we ended up with some for a while. Not usre how much good it really did us and we didn't get any more.
The skin gels etc are good though, for healing and aftersun.
I think you have to be quite committed to make a go of it as a business. Your first sales will be easy ones to mates but drumming up business beyond this and getting repeat sales will be the hard bit.
I hate selling so it wouldn't be for me but you'll have to judge whether you think you could do that part.

jasper Wed 14-Jul-04 02:11:34

Sorry Bradsmum. I am not so positive. My uncle was an agent. I bought a few products and found them to be useless.
They are expensive and the company makes grand claims for them but I remain unconvinced.

beech Sat 12-May-07 16:01:34

Hi, any recent thoughts on this business, I have been approached and I am thinking of giving it a go.

beech Sat 12-May-07 16:11:49


Ebrissa Wed 11-Feb-09 21:27:57

Hi just wondering if you ever made your mind up on Forever Living?

sazzerbear Sun 15-Feb-09 21:17:12

I was given the sales pitch and watched the dvd but as I could not really "believe" in the product, binned the idea! The only time I have used aloe vera was from a plant on holiday for sunburn!

nickjayuk Sun 27-Jul-14 23:59:46

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raveenasultan Sat 16-Aug-14 16:40:44

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