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New job or not

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Sofia2011 Tue 04-Jul-17 07:26:42

Dear all, advice is desperately needed! I've been off work for fourteen months this consisted of maternity a year to have my second child and whilst on maternity I badly broke and dislocated my ankle requiring surgery hence why I've had an extended period. I am in a management position within a care facility and it has come to my attention whilst i have been on maternity that their has been a lot of backstabbing towards me from supposed people who I thought I had a good relationship with. Even staff who I've trained and have supported have been disloyal, and to top it off my old manager left and has been replaced by a woman who seems hell bent on making my return to work and other things difficult for me she's delayed my return by sending me to occy health which I understand is company policy. But in the whole 14 months I have had off she's not even phoned me or bothered to come and meet me. I've very annoyed with the way I've been treated as I'm a decent Person and their was no need for it. Anyway the way I've been treated really ruined my maternity leave and that is something I will never forgive them for. I've got two interviews lined up this week one for a smiliar role to what I do now but a bit larger but very prestigious company within the care field but I also have a interview for a deputy's position lined up in a home. I feel that a new start is needed as I just can't forgive what's gone on in my absence. Does anyone think changing jobs now will be too stressful as my kids are 6 and 1 or should I go for it?

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