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Tax credits

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Cleo666 Wed 28-Jun-17 19:41:53

Hi everyone. Wondering if someone can help me. Me and my partner claim tax credits. I am now working and wondering if I have to tell them? As the tax year for claiming 2016-2017. So confused never done this before

MothQuandary Wed 28-Jun-17 19:44:36

Yes, you have to tell them. It is very confusing because they use the previous year's income to calculate this year's tax credits. But if you've had a change since last year, that can affect this year's tax credits. I can't pretend to understand it! But do tell them.

Cleo666 Wed 28-Jun-17 19:47:40

Thank you for replying will do it first thing in the morning smile

Ashleytho1987 Wed 28-Jun-17 19:48:10

Sorry u crest ur own.question, sorry this not part of your question

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