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Help - wtf are "key development areas" and what to say

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Lalalandfill Mon 26-Jun-17 13:12:36

After years of self-employment, I'm interested in a corporate job and am filling in the application form

It asks what are my key areas of self-development

What does that mean? Is it that old chestnut What are your Weaknesses? If so, what do I say - do I go for the cheesy I am a bit of a perfectionist or what? Obviously, I am far from perfect but have no idea what a big organisation wants to hear ...

Polomintini Mon 26-Jun-17 13:25:21

Yes it is what we used to call weaknesses! I would probably use the fact that you have been self employed and will need to adapt back to a corporate environment. However you should also you have thought about how to fill the gap such as make sure to build your network at the firm to understand how to get things done. They will see from your cv that this is your history so will show self awareness to mention it upfront.

Lalalandfill Mon 26-Jun-17 14:38:36

Thank you, I was thinking along those lines but very helpful to know I'm on the right track - I certainly have forgotten the corporate environment and filling in forms like this brings it all back!

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