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Nervous presenting after 3 years maternity

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nuggles Wed 21-Jun-17 13:23:22

I've been working part time for a few years while I've had two DS in 2 years - I'm lucky that my employer is flexible with me working from home.

Tomorrow I'm in the office for a day (first time in for a day for 2 years) and have to present my year target and budget to the company. It's a small company so only 10 people but oh my gosh I'm so nervous!

Last time I presented I remember by throat going all dry and voice turning into a horse. Anyone with any tips on being less nervous and coming across confident presenting?

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FiftyShadesOfDuckEggBlue Wed 21-Jun-17 20:53:06

Best of luck! I hate presenting too. Not much of a tip but I find rehearsing to death before a presentation helps. blush

newnoo Thu 22-Jun-17 13:48:33

practice practice practice.

Get your partner or Mum or Dad to watch and listen to you tonight. Try and gather together a small audience and do it 'for real' with a little bit of pressure.

Practice plus a small amount of pressure let's you experience the idea of going through it and allow your mind/brain to adjust.

It's like brain training for the real thing.

Then also remember to do some power poses AKA Amy Cuddy Ted talk -
pop to the toilets for a few mins before hand and stretch out smile

Good luck you'll be great.

For the future though join a public speaking group. It's great! Helped me no end.

nuggles Thu 22-Jun-17 18:13:52

Thank you both. My presentation was actually earlier today and I rehearsed it out loud last night to my 2 year old twice.

Was fine in the end, not even nervous at all.

Thanks for the tip on joining a public speaking group. Will look into that as I'll be presenting to even more people soon 😩

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newnoo Thu 22-Jun-17 18:18:42

The more you do it the easier it gets - that's why public speaking helps. And they give lots of pointers and tips and feedback on how to get better. My club are the best! So many interesting characters there too. I love going just for that part alone.

And that's great you had no nerves!! Fantastic!! Well done smile

nuggles Thu 22-Jun-17 22:34:42

Managed to book onto a local class on Saturday morning. I never even knew these kind of clubs existed so thanks for that 😀

First time ever of not being nervous. Maternity works wonders for confidence - rather priorities changing and I have better things to worry about with my sons than presenting to work. Saying that I'll probably crap myself at the next one now :/

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