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A new career in your 40s

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Aggieisback1 Tue 06-Jun-17 20:20:46

Hi asking on behalf of a friend. She's 43 now grown DC divorced and in need of a new career/challenge. She did 10 years in accountancy then 10 in teaching but her last job was horribly stressful and she didn't want to do it until retirement. She has a measure of financial security being mortgage free and mainly wants to do something where she can be mentally stimulated and meet people. Apparently she found teaching quite isolating. So far she's considered doing a course and going into wine buying, which is a passion for her. Also property but being a self employed developer is also likely to be quite lonely I would think. Would be interested to hear positive suggestions.

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MrsOverTheRoad Tue 06-Jun-17 23:21:52

A friend of mine went from hairdressing to nursing in her 40s. She got a really good job offer too.

Wine buying sounds a bit vague though and not a field with lots of job opportunities.

Property would be better..could she go into property development and get a job in the field part time perhaps?

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