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NHS people, advice please!! How to get a job in a new Trust after mat leave without losing maternity pay?

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lelapaletute Mon 05-Jun-17 22:13:12

Hi, thanks in advance for any helpful advice!

Went on mat leave in Jan from a very stressful management job in the NHS in London. Since having our DC, partner and I decided we really want to get out of London and our tiny flat - thought we could handle it, but the reality is there's just not enough room and too much noise.

DP has been job hunting and offered a new job in the Midlands.

I think this is OK, because the mat leave policy in Agenda For Change indicates that to be eligible for the maternity leave and pay among other things I have to:

"(c)[intend] to return to work with the same or another NHS employer for a minimum period of three months after her maternity leave has ended"

This is also repeated later in the policy:

"15.41 If an employee who has notified her employer of her intention to return to work for the same or a different NHS employer, in accordance with paragraph 15.7 (ii) (c), fails to do so within 15 months of the beginning of her maternity leave, she will be liable to refund the whole of her maternity pay, less any Statutory Maternity Pay, received. In cases where the employer considers that to enforce this provision would cause undue hardship or distress, the employer will have the discretion to waive their rights to recovery."

So have I understood this correctly, and that as long as I get any job in any NHS Trust by April next year, I don't have to pay back the dough?

And if so, how do I go about breaking this to my current boss? Obviously I'd like to give her as much warning as possible - I do feel a bit like I'm fucking her over. But surely if I tell her before I have secured another job in another Trust (which I don't want to do any sooner than I have to, I had planned to take the full year) that counts as giving notice and my rights to leave and pay end anyway? Do I have to move to the Midlands but not tell her until I have another job up there? Would the Trust continue to pay me if they know I have no intention to return to work specifically with them?

Anyone who's been through this and understands how it works, please help me!! xx

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Metalgoddess Tue 06-Jun-17 19:16:00

I haven't been through this but my friend did. While on maternity leave with the nhs she applied for a job with a different trust. She just gave notice when she got the job offer. I think you shouldn't do anything until you have a firm job offer from a different trust.

lelapaletute Tue 06-Jun-17 22:20:41

Thanks Metslgoddess! X

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Metalgoddess Tue 06-Jun-17 22:40:26

Forgot to say that she didn't have to pay anything back and it was counted as continuous nhs service. Good luck in your new adventure!

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