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Companies who claim to help mothers getting back to professional work

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user1470584717 Tue 30-May-17 19:19:15

Anyone lucky enough to be employed by one of these companies? They meant to give you a chance to train you up back to pre career break level.

I recently applied one of these position, the recruiter think I am in a good position to apply because of my experience (it is male dominated area), I suppose to hear something by today but I didn't. I have lost faith in these claims now.

At the moment I took on a very junior role because I enjoy working, I am over qualified for this role and finding the job very boring, it is low pay (60% of what I used to earn which I don't mind). I am not sure whether it is a mistake to take on a low pay job as they always ask you "what is your current salary". This seems to some what reflect your skill?

I feel so low now that my career ends so soon, I am 42.

Anyone in similar situation?

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