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Shall I take the plunge and go it alone?

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InvisibleAt53 Sun 28-May-17 19:43:05

I've been trying for months to get a job and despite years of experience, it seems my age has now become a barrier to being taken seriously.

So, after doing some training to bring myself up-to-date in my chosen area, Digital Marketing, I think I'll start up on my own. As there's quite a bit of competition in this area, I thought I would go out to some local businesses and offer to do some free work in order to build up a portfolio of clients. Then I can start charging when I have that experience and those testimonials under my belt.

My weakness is that I may come across as confident but I am very shy when it comes to selling myself, particularly cold calling. I know that putting myself in front of people is going to be much better than doing some kind of e-mail or FB advertising but the prospect of cold-calling brings me out in a sweat. Any advice out there on how best to start?

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user1470584717 Tue 30-May-17 19:45:25

I know someone who got into marketing started off by helping out in school PTA, she organised a lot of events (even outside school), make lots of contacts with people/companies/shops etc. Make advertisements, generally lots of marketing skills in practice where you can put on CV. May be it is something you like to consider?

Clavender Thu 22-Jun-17 14:16:10

Try networking events, you would have to sell yourself a bit, but safe in the knowledge that that's why everyone's there!

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