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Should I declare burn-out / PTSD in new job-offer paperwork?

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PhyllisDietrichson Fri 26-May-17 17:01:45

Hi just got a new P/T job (woohooo)! They're sending the paperwork off soon incl health questionnaire. Do I need to tell them that last year I had 6 weeks off work due to stress and PTSD?

I never usually take time off for sickness, and I am completely OK now. I had great treatment and left the job that brought at least some of the symptoms about; whilst the PTSD (resulted from witnessing a violent crime) was successfully treated too.

This new role is way way easier and is very part time, so should be a piece of cake. I can't see I'd be in any danger of becoming ill again and I've been well and off medication for 9 months.

What 's you're best advice please? Thanks gratefully in advance.

scurryfunge Fri 26-May-17 17:05:06

Have you seen the questionnaire yet? It may be that they just ask if you consider yourself to have a disability. If they ask specific questions it would be difficult to lie about it though. Good luck with the new job!

PhyllisDietrichson Fri 26-May-17 17:12:53

Thanks scurryfunge, no not seen form yet, great if it wasn't too specific. If it was, you reckon I have to be honest? I'm worrying about withdrawal of verbal offer despite current legislation.

PhyllisDietrichson Fri 26-May-17 17:14:22

Whoops typo, not 'you're' best advice - it's YOUR best advice. Grr

scurryfunge Fri 26-May-17 17:23:46

I've sent you a message

PhyllisDietrichson Wed 07-Jun-17 12:44:13

OK so the form actually asked:

YES or NO to
Have you ever had any anxiety, depression, mental illness?

So I said 'yes PTSD' and actually added a note about i as I felt I needed to clarify the scenario (attempting to help a victim of a very violent crime resulting in insomnia and anxiety now treated). I also had to declare that I took around 20 days off for it. The job is only mine when I've passed this aspect and considered 'fit and well' to do the role.

So I am a bit worried. I know I am fit and well now, but will they? Apparently the form goes to an in house health professional for evaluation, but the admin dept will have seen it too. I was quite embarrassed though I know I shouldn't be.

MissWilmottsGhost Wed 07-Jun-17 13:00:20

It's a difficult decision. I have a long term health condition. I don't volunteer the information on application or at interview because I found I didn't get the job if I did, but if directly asked I am always honest. I have always declared it on the health questionnaire after getting the job and have never had any problems. In fact having declared it to occupational health worked in my favour when I had a relapse.

If this is just a standard health questionnaire then I would declare the PTSD and time off for it, it is a single event rather than a chronic problem so they are unlikely to be concerned. It may bite you if you lie by omission and get found out at a later date.

PhyllisDietrichson Wed 07-Jun-17 14:46:02

Thank you MWG; yes I did that - mentioned it in on the form but not in the interview as it did not come up. Finger's crossed they're not prejudiced.

Nowadays mental health being a hot topic in the media and endorsed by the royals etc, not giving someone a job after an offer had been made in writing, because of a mental health issue, that's not ongoing, would put them on shaky ground I imagine?

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