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Holiday hours accrued

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Sja77 Wed 24-May-17 14:53:15

I have just returned to work after being on mat leave April 2016-March 2017. I have 200hrs of holidays accrued from 2016 and 200hrs owing for 2017. So over 400hrs holiday to take!
My question is: do I have to take all my accrued maternity holiday by the end of the year?
Our holidays run Jan-Dec and the basic rule is you aren't able to carry over. I realise all my holiday from my return date, march 2017 will need to be taken but I read somewhere you have a year from your return to work date to take your accrued holiday. Is this correct? Thanks

watchingitallagain Wed 24-May-17 15:48:07

Where I have worked previously it would be at the discretion of the business. You have legally accrued their holidays so they should not make it difficult for you to take them.

It's a very nice position to be in! I'd be having a day a week off!

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