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Annnoyed - no interview feedback!

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pinkletoes Wed 17-May-17 13:26:05

I went for quite a senior level job (Head of Dept, team of 4, 60k job) last week. It was a second round interview, I was told I was up against two other candidates.

The first round was a phone interview (40 mins) the second round (last week) was a presentation (40 mins) followed by interview questions from a panel (45 mins). The presentation covered 3 areas of their business and I spent over a day and a half preparing it.

Interview went pretty well, I didn't feel I had got the job but was confident I had performed OK and to be honest on seeing the office and doing the commute wasn't sure it was the perfect role for me but nonetheless I put a lot of time and effort in and felt it was a positive experience.

HR person (present in the interview) alongside a Director told me I would hear within 2 days. Didn't hear anything, assumed I had been unsuccessful (fine) but would like to know or if something had delayed their decision at least have the curtesy to tell candidates?

On Monday I emailed the HR contact just to ask if there was any feedback (polite email). No reply. It's now been 9 days since the interview.

Is this the norm with huge companies? It's so rude and in my opinion very bad business and has completely put me off using their company in future!

fabulous01 Wed 17-May-17 13:32:53

The norm
I did a 4 hour process and not a word. Just an email saying I hadn't got it and not to ask for feedback

tammytheterminator Wed 17-May-17 17:37:49

The norm I'm afraid. Doesn't matter that you have spent hours of your time applying, attending interviews and sending follow up emails. Some companies couldn't give a rat's arse.

There are times when I have desperately wanted to write to the Chief Exec or out them on Twitter. I have managed to restrain myself though.

pinkletoes Wed 17-May-17 20:07:29

Ha yes I've managed to restrain myself I just think it's so unbelievably rude not to even tell me I haven't got it after explicitly telling me I would be told last week. Whenever I have recruited I've always given clear timescales, feedback and updates if anything hasn't gone to plan / there's a delay. Yeah it's time consuming but just seems only fair when people go to the trouble of applying, attending two interviews and basically 2 days of prep. So rude!

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