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Husbands new job

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User4258 Tue 16-May-17 20:12:17

Hi all
My husband had been put of work for a while, a few months but about 8 months of very little irregular work. He had finally got a job in his degree field. It's a stressful job.. Residential home for kids in care. But he was fairly excited to start. And enjoyed the week of training. He had a fairly good day yesterday but then today has text to say he doesn't think he can do it and Is finding it incredibly stressful. What can I do? I can't let him give up on it.. We really need the money and he lacks confidence at times anyway so sometimes he will get or in his head that he "can't" do something just because he is worried about doing it wrong. Even if that hasn't happened yet. Is there anything I can say to make him feel better? I've tried saying it will get easier and that I think he needs to give it a while to really give it a fair chance. Am I being fair? I hate the idea that I'd be making him unhappy but I honestly think he'd enjoy this work of be have it a chance.
We lived abroad last year. He's from abroad and is definitely harder for him to get a job here than there . But he wanted to come back here (I did too) we have been taking about buying a house here and having a family.. We have had 2 miscarriages which hasn't helped in the past year. But my head says if this job doesn't work out we will have to move back abroad for him to be happy in a job but I really don't want to do that. I love living here and our friends are here but I want my huaband to be happy. I feel like it's my job to fix things but right now I don't know how.
Right now I think my husband confidence and self belief is so low that any job would be stressful for him to settle in to. He has given up 2 other jobs in the past year, one after one day because he refused to go back and one after a couple of months because it was minimum wage in a shop and he said it was so boring it was stressing him to the point that it was making life not worth living and he hates that he had worked hard to get a degree that he couldn't use. But now he is in a job that uses his degree and he isn't sure he even likes that....
Stessed out confused wife.....

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