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Applying for new job after maternity

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AllFurCoatNoKnockers Fri 12-May-17 18:24:26

Have been back for nearly 3 months after a year away on maternity. A recruiter just contacted me about a job which, on paper, looks perfect.

It's basically exactly what I do now, without any aspect of people management which is something I'd prefer.

I definitely feel some kind of allegiance to my current employer, as I've been there for 7 years but I also know they'd have no problem getting rid of me in a second.

Would it be frowned upon to apply for a new job so close after returning from mat leave?

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scottishdiem Fri 12-May-17 20:02:26

Is there not something about having to repay some money if you leave so soon after maternity leave?

UnbelievablyChocolatey Sat 13-May-17 08:58:57

It depends on the employer. If they only provide statutory maternity pay then you don't have any obligation to go back. If you are entitled to extra maternity pay then yes you are required to go back and work there for so long. Otherwise you'd have to pay this extra pay back

AllFurCoatNoKnockers Sat 13-May-17 11:50:30

I got enhanced maternity. Before I fell pregnant the maternity guidelines were changed to say you had to pay anything above statutory back if you left within 12 months of returning. But, there was kick back from this and this was removed from the policy.
As there's nothing in the policy about it, I'm guessing I wouldn't have to pay that back.

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AllFurCoatNoKnockers Sat 13-May-17 11:52:50

That's actually something holding me back from leaving, the maternity package is so good because I've been there for so long.

Don't intend on having number two for three or four years yet but it's already on my mind.

And in a way, the fact that maternity is so good makes me feel even more guilty about applying for a new job!

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scottishdiem Sat 13-May-17 13:14:39

What are the maternity benefits in the new job? Is there any way to make a slight change now and reduce the staff supervision you have at the moment?

emilycrosby Thu 25-May-17 15:30:40

I was so worried about going back to work after having my kids, but actually started work again was the best thing I've ever done! I uploaded my cv to dywaj and the team there were so supportive and helpful in finding me a job. smile

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