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Help - Interview presentation!

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pinkletoes Tue 09-May-17 11:53:20

I have to give a 40 minute presentation tomorrow for an interview! Can't say I am excited BUT thankfully it's only to two people.

I have prepared my presentation (3 sections) and done a powerpoint which has taken me pretty much 2 days.

Anyway, question is, what style would you present in in an interview to just two people? I was thinking just laptop on desk and then talk them through it (I have print outs for one more detailed part). I can't see myself standing up for 40 mins and going through slides projected on the wall, seems excessive?

I should add that this is not a job that will involve much 'presenting' only presenting ideas in team meetings etc so I am not entirely sure why they have focussed so heavily on it. I think it's more about my answers than the presentation style if you see what I am saying but I am panicking a bit!

Any advice?

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LuxeLush Sat 13-May-17 12:35:42

I think you have it right pinkletoes, laptop on desk, you sitting down and talking to them. I would take a print out of all slides for each of the interviewers just in case if you can. Whenever we've asked interviewees to do presentations (usually only 10 minutes or so though) that's the format we would go with. Just be prepared in case they are expecting you to stand and talk through slides projected on the wall!

Good luck, sounds like you are well prepared.

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