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Pregnant with 3rd and going to the job centre

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suilaruin Fri 05-May-17 09:19:53

Just a question as I am a bit confused. My husband works full time but we get some help with universal credit. I have my 2nd interview to discuss work options. They know I am 32 weeks pregnant and that it is not possible at the moment as i have a 2 year old also but I still have to go along. I have been told I will need to go back for another interview when the baby is 6 months to 'look for work' I still wont be in a position to look for work as I want to be at home with my baby and besides my husband works very long hours, no family close by (2 hours away) and I dont drive! not making excuses I really do want to go back to work when little one is at nursery but for now I feel anxious about it like im doing a bad thing wanting to be at home with my baby. has anybody been in a similar situation and is there some law that I need to be looking for work when I am not intending on it at this moment?

thanks smile

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FluffyTowers Fri 05-May-17 09:25:19

Sorry I'm no help as don't get tax/universal credit but why do you have to go to the job centre? Is it a condition of UC?

FFr1day Fri 05-May-17 11:47:36

The website explains

"Opening up work
Universal Credit is designed to make sure that you’re better off in work, by topping up your wages each month while you need it"

"Help available for parents
In addition to other childcare support available for parents and carers, parents claiming Universal Credit can get support with their childcare costs to help them move into work and increase their hours.

You can claim up to 85% of your paid–out childcare costs, up to a monthly limit of £646 for one child, or £1108 for two or more children"

While you may choose to not work, everyone who works and does not claim any sort of benefit is paying for the lifestyle of people who do not work !

That is why people are being encouraged to find work

JenniferYellowHat1980 Sat 06-May-17 16:02:38

I couldn't afford the luxury of choosing not to work until my DCs were old enough to - what? (not clear from your post) - access free childcare provision. Your baby will be old enough to go to nursery at 6 months so of course, if you want to claim this particular benefit you will have to look for work at that point. If you choose not to, don't claim the benefit.

Firenight Sat 06-May-17 16:07:29

That sounds fair enough. It's designed to support people into work. If you have chosen to stay at home instead then that's your call but presumably it will stop you getting the benefit.

eurochick Sat 06-May-17 16:10:00

Most people I know went back to work when their babies were between 3 and 12 months. Staying at home for longer is fine if you can support yourself but most families these days struggle on one wage.

Parker231 Sat 06-May-17 16:14:26

Universal credit is a work related benefit not a benefit for a SAHP

user1471453601 Sat 06-May-17 16:14:38

If you are not in a position to work or to look for work then you will not receive Jobseekers Allowance. It's simple. Jobseekers Allowance is for people actively looking for work. Whatever your personal circumstances (childcare commitments, disability, caring for others) doesn't matter. I'm not defending this, but it is what the law says.

EtonMessi Sat 06-May-17 16:19:40

What user said. I say this without any judgement whatsoever, but you need to realise that if you want money from the government, you need to fulfil the conditions they stipulate. They cannot force you to look for paid employment or to attend meetings with them, but conversely they don't have to give you any money and they can expect your partner to support you financially while you care for his children.

HeadDreamer Sat 06-May-17 16:23:39

Plenty people stay at home with children. As others say, your DH should be paying for it. Not other tax payers.

expatinscotland Sat 06-May-17 16:29:08

If you want to continue to receive the benefit, then you will need to prove you are looking for work.

Neverknowing Sat 06-May-17 16:30:55

They should change your UC claim to a SAHM claim or something? Are to sure you're claiming the right benefits?

Neverknowing Sat 06-May-17 16:31:21

You should be allowed to be a SAHM until your baby is five?

ilovesooty Sat 06-May-17 16:32:37

If your family income is sufficient for you to stay at home that's your decision but UC is designed for you to be seeking work if you claim it.

AssassinatedBeauty Sat 06-May-17 16:39:17

I would suggest not claiming the benefit if you're not intending to work, then the job centre won't be bothering you and expecting you to work.

User99573864 Sat 06-May-17 16:58:18

Surely you can claim a benefit to help you go back to work if you don't want to go back to work?

You either have to return to work or stop accepting the benefit.

Babyroobs Sat 06-May-17 22:44:40

As part of Universal credit you both have to sign a claimant agreement. Yours should reflect the fact that you have young children and I don't think there will be too much pressure to find work until your kids are school aged.
I would check that they have got you in the correct ' conditionality group'.
Universal credit is replacing six current means tested benefits. With Uc families will no longer be able to have a sahp for years on end and be topped up by the state ( as is currently the situation with tax creidts). Uc is going to be a lot tougher I'm afraid and there will be sanctions if you don't stick to your part of the agreement.
At the moment try not to worry , any interviews will just be to make sure you are thinking/ planning to return to work at some point in the future.
You will get extra money from UC for your second child but not for any subsequent babies.

Babyroobs Sat 06-May-17 22:46:58

Sorry I've just seen that you are pregnant with your third not your second, so you not get any more child element of Universal Credit for this one.
I think you would get help with childcare costs for all 3 when you go back to work though.

suilaruin Sun 07-May-17 07:56:38

We moved to a new area and I was told Universal credit is what we switch to as we just got tax credits before. It is for working tax, child tax and help with rent all in one benefit so you don't get different payments. The lady at the job centre told me to 'go along with it' as she can tell I wouldn't possibly find work how I am at the moment with being pregnant.

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suilaruin Sun 07-May-17 08:05:27

I was told I don't need to look for work as the benefit is not for that as I am at home and not getting work related benefits. but I now just have to go along as it's just part of the set up apparently.. Doesn't make sense but that must be how it goes.

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unlimiteddilutingjuice Sun 07-May-17 08:15:37

Hi OP, I work in welfare rights. There is a lot of misinformation on this thread.
There are no work search requirements under UC if you:
Are due to give birth in 11 weeks or less
Are responsible for a child under 1.
Your plan of returning to work when the baby is 6 months is completely acceptable. You should attend the appointment and just tell them that this is what you plan to do. You can also talk in general terms about the sorts of work you may want to look for when the time comes.
Please feel free to PM me if any difficulties.
Good luck.

unlimiteddilutingjuice Sun 07-May-17 08:20:46

I really hate the way benefits threads always go.
If you don't actually know the rules: please don't weigh in with you best reckon. How is that helpful?

Babyroobs Sun 07-May-17 09:16:51

Unlimited. I agree. Lots of wrong information being given around Universal credit causing worry for people.

Rainatnight Sun 07-May-17 09:21:45

I think OP's difficulty is that she's not planning to go back to work when LO is six months, as I understand it?

ifeelcraptonight Sun 07-May-17 09:23:50

If you want to stay at home with your baby until they go to nursery then you won't be eligible for that particular benefit.

What's hard to understand about that? You are making a choice to stay at home.

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