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Unemployed and job hunting is a living hell

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Delia1989 Wed 12-Apr-17 20:36:29

have excellent experience and I'm lucky in that I do get interviews regularly. So far I've come second a few times and got close to being successful but it's been a year now and I've been unsuccessful at 25 job interviews.

My life basically revolves around spending a day completing a job interview, being told I've got an interview. Revising/preparing. Getting nervous for the interview. Waiting for the outcome. Being told you're unsuccessful. The feeling of rejection and then finding out you've got another interview.

I don't drive so I'm spending a fortune in travel costs (can't get it back at the job centre anymore). I'm so poor I can't afford any fun and I'm in a constant state of apprehension.

I'm also incredibly lonely as I've no work colleagues or routine. I've nuo time to complete voluntary work or even paid work as right now my time is completely taken up by the job hunt and I think that's what I need to concentrate on.

Before I became unemployed I was the calmest, happiest, most confident person you could meet. I don't even recognise who I am anymore.

How on earth do people stay sane?

user1487175389 Wed 12-Apr-17 20:43:34

Hey, I don't know the answer but I'm in exactly the same boat (except I'm so demoralised from rejection and other things I havent filled in any applications in a few weeks). So from my point of view you're doing amazingly in just keeping going. Give yourself some credit.

How do you keep Interview-ready in terms of your clothes, Grooming etc? I just don't have the money to look presentable, unless there's some secret to it I'm unaware of?

Delia1989 Wed 12-Apr-17 20:51:41

I bought a £20 suit dress from new look that looks amazing. A simple dark grey blazer. Black tights (20 denier), black pointed heels and a cheap black tote bag for interviews.

Immy entire outfit cost £50 but lasts for every interview. I'm a social worker so I'm expected to be in a suit.

I used to wear a black suit dress, ballet pumps, black tights and a black tote bag.

Delia1989 Wed 12-Apr-17 20:52:37

I wear minimal make up but decent foundation. I got a tester from esteem Lauder for free and use that only for interviews.

I straighten my hair and that's it.

I have to pay for childcare for interviews which is a nightmare.

It's all so incredibly draining.

user1487175389 Wed 12-Apr-17 21:43:31

It's horrible, isn't it? There's so much social pressure on us to work, plus the pressure we put on ourselves, yet decent jobs are like hen's teeth. And the fact is, having young children means we've already worked a shift before we even walk into the interview room. Unlike many other candidates. In my case I feel like it shows on my face and in my general appearance.

The interview outfit sounds great. I think I need to make a similar investment. Childcare is such a pita. Are you entitled to any free hours? In my case ds should get the 15 hours but unfortunately the nursery recently cut it back to 6 hrs per week. Which doesn't really help my situation! Their rational was that I'm not working so I don't need childcare. Nice!

newnoo Sat 15-Apr-17 14:24:15

Delia it sounds like the area of work and the level at which you are going for jobs in, is very competitive.

Is there any way you could differentiate yourself more - with new trainings, qualifications or even consider a side-ways step in terms of your career into something else?

Do you ask for feedback from those companies where you got to second place so you can find out what you could have improved on? Or where they felt you were weaker than the number one candidate?

It might give some clues for the next interviews.

Wishing you all the best with landing a job. It will happen. By the law of averages, it will be you at some point. It has to be.

Also, is there any way you could treat yourself to something once a week?

I don't know what that might be for you as you said money is tight but is there anything you enjoy doing that you could do for free once a week? It would be a chance for you to look forward to something - that might keep you going and make you feel less stressed about where things are right now. No one should have to live in a constant state of hope vs dread and feel like their happiness and routine and life hangs on someone else's decision.

Try to remember too it's just a phase in your life. Things will change. Nothing stays the same forever.

emilycrosby Thu 25-May-17 15:54:59

I remember wanting to go back to work after having my son but not knowing exactly what I wanted to do! After some convincing, I just uploaded my CV to one of those CV websites (it was called dywaj i think) and got a job really quick after signing up! They will help you through the process and make sure you get a job at the end of it

InvisibleAt53 Sun 28-May-17 19:28:35

Move to the West Country. They can't recruit Social Workers for love or money. Local authority budgets are straining at the seams from having to recruit contract people who cost twice as much.

user1470584717 Tue 30-May-17 19:39:21

Hi Delia1989,

You obviously good enough for what they are asking for hence you get the interviews (so many too!)

Defintely ask for honest feedback every time, this will help you with your next interview, good luck!

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