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Help! I don't think I can afford childcare!

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sammybeddows Tue 11-Apr-17 14:19:23

OK ladies, I am wanting to go back to work full time rather than the weekend work I currently do. I don't spend any time with my husband as he works weekdays and me weekends. I have 2 interviews lined up this week and I am torn! I have calculated that my monthly childcare coutside to be £760 a month! That's more than my mortgage! We would only get about 130 from the government and honestly I'm just sitting here thinking 'is it worth it?' Honestly, I want my weekends back and time with my family, as a proper family! Please help! Any advice is much appreciated smile smile

jimijack Tue 11-Apr-17 14:25:17

This was the situation I found myself in, I simply could not afford that amount each month so I had to change jobs to working weekends to afford to live.
I did this for 2 years, then changed again.

I know that you say you want to do the opposite, have weekends off and work in the week. If that's the case, you will just need to suck it up and pay out for the full time childcare.

I find it to be counterproductive as the child will be with someone else for so much of the time, I didn't want this, I wanted to be with my baby so working weekends gave me time in the week, just me and him. Family time came later, not at the cost of financial hardship.
It's difficult but only for a short time.

sammybeddows Tue 11-Apr-17 15:19:55

I have debated just sticking it out for the next year until my son is 3 and gets 30 hours of childcare but it's so hard! My husband thinks I'll be able to work school hours but it's highly unlikely in an office job situation

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