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Business case for part time working

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Tobuyornot99 Mon 10-Apr-17 19:42:32

Hello, due back to work after mat leave. Working full time doesn't stack up financially, so asked to return 3 days per week (hoping to do weekend work ad hoc elsewhere when childcare is free), manager was totally shocked and seemed quite annoyed. We have a meeting booked next week with HR etc.
I know I should try to put a business case together for my reduced hours, but realistically there isn't one confused my job can't be covered part time, and the chances of finding a job share are extremely slim.
As I'm due back soon and need to sort out nursery etc, I'm worried that going back and forth for weeks on end will leave me unable to find childcare.
Really stressed, and feel like saying that if she can find a full time replacement then she should do that, but ask her for support in finding a new job / references etc.
Is this career suicide? I'm NHS if that matters.
Any help appreciated, I am still hormonal and wonder how I'll ever go back to work at all, eek!

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