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The right job

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Jessi123confused Sun 02-Apr-17 19:31:50

I wanted some advice please help.
My husband and I have decided to have a baby and are trying.
I left a job recently that was stressful and not paying well at all. I loved the people i was with but couldn't afford the 1hr commute.

I got a job as a consultant, where by i visit the odd client a day and mainly work from home. Im finding myself getting really bored and miserable!
My husband thinks as we are going to have a baby this is the best situation as i would always be at home for the child and the money is good.

I have recently been approached by my previous employer to come back and matched the salary. I miss me role and what i did ... but i dont miss the politics. But i felt as part of a team and my job had me using my brain! But the downside is the commute is hour away ... with a child is that silly.

My husband doesn't understand why its such a big decision but for me sitting at home... is ao boring!

Would love to hear from mothers .. i dont want to neglect my kids but then i do still want to be me and follow my dreams

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