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Applying for new job after return from maternity

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spydie Mon 27-Mar-17 09:43:17

I recently returned from maternity leave. I work in a specialism of HR, and the business divisions (x3) I was responsible for prior to my leave have remained with my colleagues that were covering them for me. It's apparent that there isn't really anything for me to lead now, and I've been given an area that was sold as an opportunity but the reality is that its significantly less responsibility than I had before I left. There is now a possibility that there will be an organisational change, and this area will no longer exist, but rather come under a different business division anyway.

I've applied for another job through an agency and I'm unsure of how honest to be regarding my recent maternity leave and reasons for wanting to leave. I know full well I am valued highly where I am and they wouldn't want me to leave, but it's very typical of where I am for them to do things like this. After a long time with my employer I'm ready for a new challenge and simply don't have that opportunity now.

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