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Help needed please ladies!

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Sofia2011 Fri 24-Mar-17 18:19:44

Hi ladies! I urgently need some advice! I'm a mother to two beautiful girls one five and one 9 months. For the last ten years I have been a care manager running a variety of services for people who have mental and physical health needs. As you can imagine the role is very demanding and takes a lot of my head away from me. I have been working at this level as my husband doesn't earn as much as me so my income has been the backbone of the family. I went on maternity leave last May and to be honest it was such a relief for once I wasn't instressful situations or managing staff who don't do their jobs properly. And I finally realised the reason I've been so unhappy for so long is the job really isn't me! It's highly pressured and has sucked the life out of me. I was also very annoyed and angered to hear that I've been back stabbed whilst on maternity by people who I had gone over and above for at work and supported both staff and some clients. My manager also left whilst I was on maternity and her job has been replaced by someone who appears to be tearing all of us managers work apart. To be honest I wasn't even happy before I went on maternity as I kind of knew the place was a real vipers nest with a lot of backstabbing. But what has hert is people backstabbing me whilst I've gone to have a baby. When I can honestly say I give me heart and soul to any job i undertake so I can't understand why people have been so nasty towards me. It doesn't help that my replacement was trying to prove himself as he wanted to secure a job in the organisation so tried to get a lot of people on side. In Jan I fell on some ice and dislocated and broke my ankle. I was due bk to work a few weeks ago but due to my injury I am unable to return. I've started to look for another job maybe something out of management but their doesn't appear to be much around. Me and my husband r looking to secure a mortgage at the end of the year so I really do need a ok salary but I'm worried that if I return to work I will get sick after all that's gone on. Any advice would really help me xxxx

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newnoo Fri 24-Mar-17 21:12:33

Can you go above your current manager to the manager above that? To someone who knew you before you went on maternity leave?

Someone who your reputation is intact with?

Also, how you do know the new manager has been back-stabbing you?

Keep looking for work/jobs - all you need to be is successful at one interview and this period is history smile

Perhaps you work for the NHS? Would you consider working at a private hospital?

Sofia2011 Sat 25-Mar-17 08:30:52

I don't know that is new manager is backstabbing me but I do know she's been into my service commenting on certain things as well as other services. The search is on fingers crossed xxxx

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Beansprout30 Sun 26-Mar-17 03:41:51

I don't have much advice but you have my sympathies. I'm in a similar situation in that my colleague who has been incredibly nice to my face yet while I've been away she's been doing her best to nab my job. I'm dreading going back to have to fight for my job and I know there will be an awful atmosphere. It's hard enough having to leave your children when returning to work, but even worse when things are not being made easy.

Keep looking for a new position, hopefully something will come up x

Sofia2011 Sun 26-Mar-17 11:13:07

Thanks Hun! Sorry to hear this, I think it disgusting how people use maternity leave as a time to backstab and try and steal people's jobs! No morals xxx

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