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Going from part time to full time out of choice? Anyone done this?

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squirreling Wed 22-Mar-17 13:53:30


I'm mum to a 4.5 year old who now goes to school and a 2.5 year old. I had a career- 1p year experience, masters degree etc and went back pt after having the boys. However it was extremely stressful, and me along with the other part timers all left for that reason. I didn't want to return to that job full time as felt it had run its course..... I am now part time in a very flexible care job which is u setrssful and I really enjoy. I feel like now I am ready to.put.soem effort into retraining and going back to work full time to do so. I feel quite excited about this prospect. My son is entitled to free childcare in september. I am applying for jobs in what I want to do at the moment (these are all full time) but I. Know once I go full time that'll be it. For.the lst ciuple of months I've been feeling a little bored of all the stuff I do at home (mainly the domestic stuff but also a little done with toddler groupsnetc) and sort of think this may be the way forward. I know twit sounds ungrateful as I have the option to work pt which some people don't but I sortof feel like I need myself back and to crack on with soemtong i want to do rather than doing an awful job part time or one that doesnt particukalry stretch me. Has anyone done tis- chosen to go pt to ft. We're you glad you did or did you live to regret it? Thanks

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