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Going back to Uni - Art School - Retrain

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artyfartyfourty Fri 17-Mar-17 20:02:10

Reposting from another chat, think i'd started it in the wrong thread!

Has anyone here gone to Art School in their 40s? I already have a degree from the days of yore but secretly I always wanted to go and study Art.... would this be a massively self indulgent and expensive potential error? Would love to hear anyone who has done it, if there were any job opportunities afterwards or if it's just fun whilst it lasts. Prior to this I've been a SAHM for years but the last one small one goes to school in August and I'm really feeling like entering back into adult life again.

Can you really kickstart a new career in your 40s?

Any inspiring/encouraging stories would love to hear 'em

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 18-Mar-17 05:06:12

Art degrees aren't very useful unless you use them to get into teaching.

hutchblue Sat 18-Mar-17 11:12:14

What else could you do with it?

Would you want to just study for the sake of studying?

Would you want to sell your art afterwards? Totally possible with the online world these days but it takes time and is of course very competitive.

But if you want to study art you must be creative? Are there any other fields of creativity - they might have more chance of formal employment after that.

ie, graphic design, photography

But not necessarily!

Newmother8668 Sat 18-Mar-17 11:19:06

No offence, but artist to another artist, focus on short courses and practising your art daily than an expensive degree. Even if you do make some money in art, it's impossible to live off of. The problem is with technology and competition. I play music, do dance and write and I'm 40, but I invest time, rather than money into it. A lot of my friends are artsy and quite good at it, but none of them make money in it. Do what makes you happy, but not at the expense of financial worry or debt.

Newmother8668 Sat 18-Mar-17 11:19:28

Also, try a part time night or online course, if you are keen?

artyfartyfourty Sat 18-Mar-17 19:38:19

Thanks for all the input. Hutch i think i would like to study for the sake of it but eventually id like to be a graphic designer smile
New mother - thanks for your advice. maybe it would never reward financially i get that...but you're right getting in to debt is a different equation....

hutchblue Sat 18-Mar-17 20:21:28

So why not get a subscription to Photoshop - it's about £8 per month and do some free youtube courses and see how it goes.
You can get the adobe suite bundle for a bit more than that.
But yeah, you can learn so much on youtube. LOADS of free tutorials out there.
Could also go to adult education college and do an evening course if you wanted to too...
So many options smile
I love graphic design too. I did a short course in Photoshop a few years ago and I love it!!
I also do know quite a few successful artists online who are making a good living out of it.
It IS possible - but you have to really have a good unique style and be good with social media. Takes time - but can totally be done smile

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