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When is a good time (if any) to retrain with 2 children?

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user1489672008 Thu 16-Mar-17 19:51:21

This is my first ever post. I just wondered if anyone (probably people with older kids) has any advice on what would be a good time to go back to studying something new, in terms of childrens ages.

My son starts school this September and my daughter is only 18months. I work part time and partner works full time and even though we're lucky to have grandparents help out once a week the childcare costs are still crippling us.

I found a love for something that I would love to study properly, so I suppose the question is do I get a loan and do it now (like when son starts at school so that at least there's a bit less childcare) as we're already broke so may as well be a bit more broke.. or is there a time where people have found that financially (and time wise!) things get a bit better, like when both children are at school maybe?

Some people have advised me to bite the bullet and just do it now but I'm a bit nervous- I suppose I also have in my head that things just seem tough/unpredictable in general in the economy etc and this is a bit of a pipe dream so maybe I should just hold on a bit and see how things go (but then would I ever do it etc etc)

Anyway, any advice or thoughts much appreciated

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bunnylove99 Mon 20-Mar-17 15:41:25

Hi OP. I studied for a work qualification when mine were 10 and 5. I worked 3 days a week and went to uni one day a week, Masters level course. I found this worked well. I used my 'free day' to study a bit and keep on top of housework. I generally wrote my essays on Saturday evenings. I know this wouldn't suit everyone, but I was self funding, enjoyed the course and was desperate to do well. You children are younger so I guess you have to think about how big a commitment your chosen course will be, whether you can make finances and childcare fit for it. Is it full time study? Or part time in addition to your work?

squirreling Wed 22-Mar-17 13:14:41

I'm also thinking of retraining. Have you looked into student funding? There's a handy calculator which told us we could get up to £200 a week on childcare costs of o did go back just to uni.... i am just scared of 3 years of studying as it seems lke such a long time so I've applied for some entry level jobs and hopefully work my way up. If i have no luck with them I might reconsider uni....

squirreling Wed 22-Mar-17 13:15:29

I dod also think that being at uni will give school holidays off which would be super handy 😂

user1489672008 Mon 27-Mar-17 22:07:57

Thank you for your replies (would have got back sooner but week of children being ill :-()

I was thinking it would be a part time course on top of work as I just can't imagine being able to go back to uni full time- bunnylove that balance sounds really good to me, thinking that I might have to wait until DD is at least in pre-school or maybe even school to get that same deal (with the 'free' day for studying/housework) as at the moment it's still just running around and tidying in the 1.5-2 hr afternoon nap!

Don't think I'd mind studying on a weekend night, I haven't exactly got the most thriving social life atm!!

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user1489672008 Mon 27-Mar-17 22:17:24

Thanks squirreling, yes I'm looking in to it at the moment smile
Good luck with the job hunt xx

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