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Assessment day

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Nasreen Thu 09-Mar-17 19:21:39

I have been invited to an assessment day on Monday, for a job I have recently applied for. It entails a formal interview, role play, group discussion and written exercise. Has anyone any experience of these types of assessment days? To say i am nervous is an understatement!


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Nasreen Thu 09-Mar-17 19:35:00

P. S the day is from 8.45 until 5pm!

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AalyaSecura Thu 09-Mar-17 20:01:00

I used to design assessment centres, so can probably help - what kind of role are you going for?

Nasreen Thu 09-Mar-17 20:13:06

Its a wellbeing officer role at a college of further and higher education. So pastoral student support.

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AalyaSecura Thu 09-Mar-17 20:37:30

Ok - the ones I used to do were more corporate rather than public sector, but I imagine the principles carry over.

Formal interview - most likely to be competency based, so be prepared with examples of where you have demonstrated the likely skills they're looking for. Structure that works well is a brief outline of the situation (must be brief! Poor candidates over explain this bit!), then detail on what you did and why (and talk about I rather than we), then result and impact of your action.

Role play - I guess it's a wellbeing conversation. Standard template for what is looked for in a role play is a) build rapport, put person at ease b) explore, draw out, summarise and agree issues - good questioning, good listening and c) agree actions and next steps.

Group discussion - unpredictable, hard to advise! General ideas - talk early, try to build on what others are saying (saying "yes, and..."), can be good to be the person who brings the group back to the task when the conversation wanders (but without cutting people off)

Written exercise - might be work sample (go through and prioritise emails and tasks, saying what you would do - usually have some themes that you need to join up), or could be a report, which are often focused on your ability to think bigger, looking for improvements, which need to include the outlines of an action plan.

Or I could be way off! Good luck!

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