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Recommended bookkeeping courses and is it a good career move?

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beadyboo Thu 02-Mar-17 18:43:12

Bit of background. I was made redundant in December from a company I'd been at for 15 years. My job had changed over time and after 2 periods of maternity leave and a move from full to part time I felt like I'd lost my confidence. After a massive restructure, my role became redundant.
My personal circumstances have changed over time and DH now works away Monday to Friday so I need a job with flexibility to fit around children as I have no family help.
I worked in finance and have thought about using some of my redundancy payment to retrain as a bookkeeper. There seems to be lots of opportunities for flexible hours and lots of companies advertising for people with these skills. Could anyone recommend a course or study provider that they have used or if you recruit in this sector what qualifications do you look for. The courses all look quite expensive so I don't want to make a costly mistake. Thanks.

Hardyloveit Mon 06-Mar-17 11:03:32

I'm also looking in to bookkeeping. It can be quite costly, having looked around I think the average is around £900 for the foundation course and another £750 for the advanced course. I'm still reviewing which provider to go through though. Sorry not much help!

Sammysquiz Wed 08-Mar-17 19:28:25

Hi, I've recently retrained as a bookkeeper. I did the AAT via distance learning through Kaplan. It has been very expensive, but AAT is a respected qualification, and it means at the end you can do some accountancy work too, which means you'll be more versatile and can earn more (I charge £20 per hour for bookkeeping & £40 for accountancy). I do some self-employed work, and am also employed by an accountancy firm who I do adhoc stuff for.

I don't know about other courses, but certainly AAT is the one which is asked for in most of the job ads I've seen for bookkeepers.

MaybeDoctor Thu 09-Mar-17 10:41:10

Someone on another thread talked about doing the OU module in accountancy first, to see if they liked it, before committing to a full accountancy or bookkeeping qualification.

However, I do wonder whether the market for self-employed bookkeepers is going to shrink due to the increased availability of apps/packages?

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