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Interview for new job

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UnbelievablyChocolatey Wed 01-Mar-17 16:40:41

So I'm attending an interview soon for a new job after being a SAHM with year old DS. I'm extremely nervous as I've never had a proper interview before and also the thought of going back to work is a bit daunting! Anyone have any tips?

BackforGood Thu 02-Mar-17 00:00:16

Depends a bit on the jobs, but I'd go with
1. Find out what you can about the company
2. Read the person spec really carefully - make sure you understand everything on it, and research anything you are not familiar with
3. Brush up on any developments or relevant legislation or research in the field {obvs this is going to be so different for different jobs - I don't know if you are going to be a corporate lawyer or a crossing patrol warden grin}
4. Try on your interview cloths NOW - don't assume your "interview suit" will fit you after having a baby or maybe that was just me. Make sure you have cleaned your shoes and got unladdered tights if you are wearing them, etc. Don't leave it until last minute.
5. Make sure you know how to get there and how long travel will take at that time of day
6. Get someone to ask you some interview questions - think about why you are applying for the job etc - not in terms of you needing the money, but from the employers pov, to make it sound like you really chose their company specifically (goes back to researching the company) .
7. Think about what skills you have or experience. Why should they choose you, rather than any of the other candidates.

UnbelievablyChocolatey Thu 02-Mar-17 11:14:34

Thank you backforgood that's really helpful! What should I wear for the interview? I don't really wanna go all out and buy a suit in case I don't get the job and as we're a bit strapped for cash confused

JenniferYellowHat1980 Thu 02-Mar-17 20:42:49

You will feel nervous but you have to control that and focus on why you can't allow it to get in your way. The outcome you want is a job offer. Don't let nerves get the better of you.

BackforGood Thu 02-Mar-17 20:43:32

Again, will depend on the job.
In my dh's line of work, they wear jeans, but in 90% of jobs that would create a really bad impression from the start.
If you've got a reasonable dress and jacket, that will usually work, or you can generally wear a pair of tailored black trousers - preferably with a jacket but doesn't have to be a suit.
In the charity shops near me you can ALWAYS get jackets and there are always lots of black trousers if you really haven't got any, or the supermarkets have loads if you cant get to shops and need to order on line.

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