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Imposter syndrome

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TheVeryHungryDieter Wed 01-Mar-17 07:16:32

Hi, just wondering if anyone else is struggling with this? How do you tell yourself it will be ok?

I went back into the workforce two years ago, in a part-time, easy job. Last month I got fed up of the environment after a restructure and applied for a job in the profession I qualified for ten years ago but never practised in. I wrote a good application - I know it was good as it was based on an application I did for a recent promotion. I studied hard for the written assessment, did ok I thought at the panel interview and they've now offered me a job. Not only that but they're offering me work in a department that I frankly think is way out of my league. It's dream job stuff for me.

I'm utterly delighted. And terrified. I feel like I'm in way over my head, like I must have misrepresented my skills or ability. I know you have to sell yourself at interview and on paper but I'm now feeling that I may be on the hook for false advertising!! I'm more nervous that when I start, I'll be starting with a group of new starters who will be fresh from this industry and who will know what's expected of them. I haven't been in this line of work for ten years. I barely remember how to do some of the key skills. I think I'm deluded to even have applied and it's all going to end in tears, mostly mine. And the kids will need full time nanny care whereas they're much happier with me around four days of the week (I had to do a month of full time training recently for a promotion and DS really struggled, but he's going to be starting school in September so he might just have to get used to it). Bloody hell.

How do I tell myself it's a good thing and I'm not a delusional loser who's about to defraud an employer by not being worth the paycheque?!

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hutchblue Wed 01-Mar-17 12:44:31

Get reading.

Feel the Fear and Do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
Lean In by Cheryl Sandberg
The Confidence Code by Katy Clay

Well done too on going for it!

You'll be fine! Everyone has doubts. Once you understand how your mind works, and that it's totally trying to self-sabotage you right now to stop you from making changes and is trying and keep you exactly where you are, you'll realise what is going on and just keep going smile

Good luck!!

StormyIsland Fri 03-Mar-17 18:18:31

I'm in a similar situation. About to start full-time soon and haven't worked since I graduated four years ago. It's a really demanding job, I can't remember anything and am terrified. My colleagues and supervisors know I'm starting from scratch though even though I've got a job a year above my skills in the system. I just keep on telling myself I'll learn quickly, will have to read and ask lots and it'll be fine. My kids have got a nanny two days and dh three days a week and I feel massively guilty. Ive been feeling so down staying at home though that I think they will actually benefit from spending time with people that are not depressed! I'm sure you will be fine as well. Even if you've exaggerated your skills in the interview I'm sure you can still ask lots and just admit you've forgotten. If you work really hard to learn it all again I'm sure they'll be happy! Good luck!!

CuriousCoaching Tue 21-Mar-17 19:57:22

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