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Erin19 Sat 25-Feb-17 21:42:54

I am a store manager, my contract is 45 hours a week. I am due back on monday and have managed to get my hours cut to 35 a week, could quite possibly get away with doing a 30 hour week. Is this selfish of me wanting to go back to work?
My baby is 6 months old, she was 3 weeks early born by emergency section. She has came on leaps and bounds in my eyes. Eating solids etc. This is concerns of my partner of me working leaving my daughter because of the above. A typical rota mon to fri one week then the following week mon tues wed and sat sun. Finishing either 1pm or 2pm each shift.
Trying to do right by everybody here. Cut my hours for my partner. Going back to work a bit early for my staff (constantly moaned at about the temp manager) my mum who wil be looking after my daughter while my other half works offshore would rather my days off were together so she gets a bit of a break but then i get called selfish for working 3 days in a row? Aaaah. Someone please help with some advice. I would like to continue my role as manager as if i stepped down i feel it would be horrible to watch someone run the shop u worked hard at then that would push me to leave altogether.

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UserUmpteen Sun 26-Feb-17 18:26:17

Who is calling you selfish? Absolute rubbish. Of course it's fine to go back to whatever hours suit you.

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