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Working 30 hours single mum *ADVICE*

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ohsoamelia Sat 18-Feb-17 22:28:48

Hi, looking for some advice/reassurance really.

I have been self employed or working 16 hours since having my two children and looking at going back to work for 30 hours a week due to not earning enough self employed plus im bored when the kids go to theirs dads now.

I was wondering if anyone else who works or has worked 30 hours would mind sharing how much CTC & WTC they get and if they get anything else? Have done the calculations online but my tax credits are currently different than what it says for working 16 hours so i know the 30 hours will also be wrong too.

Just want to know really if i would be better off doing the 30 hours as i'd be entitled to the 30 hour element. Don't need childcare yet as will do the most hours when the kids are at their dads and then my mum can do one day too.

Thanks in advance x

twofloorsup Sat 18-Feb-17 22:31:46

I think the 30 hours element is about £500 a year so roughly £10 a week.
I've just dropped below 30 hours and they've cut it by that much too.

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