Home from work after baby asleep?

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user1487277648 Thu 16-Feb-17 20:50:29

I am about to return to work after mat leave and am starting a new job (I know, I am crazy). I am pretty sure the hours will not allow me to get to the child minder for her 6.30 cut off, at least not every night, and BF works long hours too. DS is 7 months - will an evening Nanny from say 6-8 work for pick up from child minder, bath and bed? A full time nanny in london is just too pricey. Or am I going to regret trying to have it all......

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timeisnotaline Fri 17-Feb-17 11:13:30

An evening nanny will but they seem very long days for a 7 mo. I was quite happy with nursery hours as that meant we simply had to tell work we had to leave and get the baby. Can you not alternate with your bf?

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