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Freelancing to permanent - how to show B2B experience

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rememberthetime Sun 12-Feb-17 21:02:49

I am a copywriter and have been working freelance from home for many years. I have an interview for a permanent role this week and one thing they want is B2B and commercial experience. As a freelancer this is hard to prove.

I am not a business, as such and I tend to work with individuals who own businesses.I do have some some agency type experience where I have worked for large corporations - but always as a freelancer employed by the agency who have the contract.

I am thinking of pointing out that as a freelancer I am a business and that therefore I am in charge of all aspects of maintaining that relationship. Therefore i actually have a level of experience that could be seen as more advanced than average.

This is an area that always lets me down - especially the commercial experience thing.

How do i get around this issue and prove myself in the interview. I can do all other aspects of the role and I am an excellent writer (the core requirement). Although by the state of this post, you might not think so!

user1477282676 Mon 13-Feb-17 06:07:47

Is any of your work visible online? I'm the same as you by the way...I use links to show the work I've done, I discuss what the client's needs were and how I achieved the desired results.

rememberthetime Mon 13-Feb-17 15:18:57

Yes, I have a portfolio with examples of my work and online links. So they can see examples. But i suppose most of my work is retail based - making it B2C. I just need to come up with some B2B examples to have in mind.

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