Returning to work - knowing what you want

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SarahKing777 Thu 09-Feb-17 17:34:25

Hello - I've been reading a lot about the structural issues of returning to work post maternity leave (& sadly there's no doubt they exist). Personally I ended up leaving employment to set up my own business because I couldn't get the flexibility I craved after having my daughter. Do you think there's also a challenge of not knowing what you want from work after you've had a baby? As in - becoming a parent can change your outlook on your sense of self and what you want from work - do you think figuring this out is hard? Is there help out there to figure this out?

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SherryRB Mon 13-Feb-17 13:57:40

Yes ... many women 'lose' their sense of identity after becoming a mother. In some ways, it's a fabulous opportunity to celebrate. Many women change careers after having children because it's tricky to go back to work (the structural issues that you mention) and for some women it's the best thing ever. It encourages you to focus on what you really want and what's most important. Often our values change when we become parents. In many ways, Dads / men don't get that same opportunity to take a step back from their career. Yes there is help out there - people like me who work as a career / confidence coach.

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