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Did you experiences negativity on your return?

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PonderLand Tue 07-Feb-17 13:45:32

I've come back from mat leave this week, my manager offered me a permanent part-time contract.

I did my first shifts last week and went into work today to pick up a few things, whilst there I nipped in to say hi to the full-time staff member who does the same job as me. (I trained her when she first started)
She told me how awful her day had been due to my work and how she's had to spend the day changing everything. I apologised and explained I was only trying to help and I didn't realise I'd made so many mistakes. She kept going on and on about these errors and how awful her day was. In the end I walked away as I had no idea how to respond after apologising. It's worth noting another full time member of staff was stood there too, but not speaking.

I have to go back this weekend and I feel completely mortified. I've got a knot in my stomach about it all. I'm hoping it will pass and she's just feeling like I'm stepping on her toes or something. I really thought I'd done a good job!? blush

hutchblue Tue 07-Feb-17 14:46:01

That's completely unreasonable behaviour.

I wouldn't say hello to her again and would completely ignore her.

She sounds like she's trying to undermine you. I guess since you've been away she feels like she's become top-dog and sees you maybe as a threat now you've returned - perhaps there's some promotion she's after - I don't know - and she's worried you might get it now you're back? Who knows.

But that's a horrible thing to do.

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

If she makes further comments I would raise it with your manager and mention that the first time you put it aside but a second set of comments from her meant you had to talk to someone more senior as performance issues should be raised with managers, not with staff directly. She's not in a position to question your ability or competence as she's at the same level as you and secondly, she shouldn't be making these sorts of comments in front of other members of staff as it is undermining your position. It will make her look very bad.

I would be SO ANGRY if someone did that to me. But remove the anger, take a step back and handle it through the right channels. She sounds like a piece of work.

I would think you did a great job and perhaps one or two slip ups here and there - so what you've just come back. In another week or so you'll be back up to speed. Take the pressure of yourself, clearly you were competent before and you are competent now - it's just this person projecting her shit onto you. sad

Lilaclily Tue 07-Feb-17 14:49:28

Gosh that's horrid

What is it she said you did wrong?

Could you speak to your manager About it?

PonderLand Tue 07-Feb-17 16:27:19

I work as a non-clinical support worker on an extremely busy medical assesment unit. Our job is to organise the ward, empty stock, put stock away, keep the treatment rooms stocked up and just try very hard to organise the impossible. It's got a high turn over of staff, and the ward manager has changed twice since I've been off. We rely heavily on agency staff, who unfortunately aren't the best at keeping the ward as they found it.

Last week, once id done the usual jobs I decided to tackle a small stock room, I threw out lost & found (smelly underwear, socks, one smelly slipper!?!?) I put stock away into cupboards and put out what needs to be used first (staff were opening several boxes of the same thing and not emptying one box at a time, very simple stuff that takes up a whole load of space and looks messy when it's all left out...)
That stockroom is what she went crazy about. She was adamant that it wasn't right and there wasn't enough room. But actually I'd created more room and organised it all! All boxes put away and there was space to move and space for extra stuff (Which is my job!?)
The nurses commented how much better it was to me.

I never blamed the full time staff member, I assumed she didn't have time to do it as they'd been short staffed (due to my mat leave). She marched me into the room when I went in and started picking fault at everything, said she'd had to put it all back into boxes and what an awful day she had. I spent so long sorting it out thinking she'd be grateful for the help (finally!) but I obviously stepped on her toes. I even texted her when I had my first shift and told her what an amazing job she'd done on the ward etc etc.

I emailed the manager (whom I don't kno but ft member does) she said don't worry about it. Now I feel like when I go back to work I'm meant to not improve the ward but keep the ward the way it is just in case I offend the ft member.

Sorry that was a big ramble, it's so disheartening as I really thought I'd made an improvement and helped her in some way.

Lilaclily Wed 08-Feb-17 20:43:04

She sounds a bitch !

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